Cult versus Culture and The New Tribe of Shamballah

Cult versus Culture and The New Tribe of Shamballah

In recent years, the presence of destructive cults has made people wary of any group that stands for beliefs or practices that challenge the mainstream.  But what is a cult and what makes a cult something to be avoided?  Devotees of a cult often pledge allegiance to a leader and are discouraged from thinking for themselves or even subjected to mind control.

Culture, on the other hand, is defined as a way of living, a way of life.  The Shamballah way of life, and the main tenets of the teachings of Shamballah are that you are your own master, teacher, healer, and guru.  We are creating a new tribe, a family, a community of empowered individuals.  We believe in a peaceful world, where we are all free to express our individuality and where we work together and care for each other and the earth we live on.

We hold this higher vision for our world and we believe that each and every one of us is here to play an important and unique part in bringing this new world into fruition.  Though this many not be the mainstream belief, we stand by it, and we stand by our commitment to making a difference by being the change we want to see.

Culture is also defined as excellence of taste in the arts.  Through cutting-edge music, dance, art, fashion, and many other forms of creativity we seek to bring forth the new energies emerging within us that will shift us into our hearts and into the next golden age!  These energies are a fusion of all that’s modern and ancient, technological and tribal, new and familiar.

Deep down, we are all seeking some form of acceptance, some sense of belonging.  Shamballah is the culture of  belonging.  The tribe of Shamballah invites you to step forward, to be your true self, to let go of your inhibitions, and take real action to make this world a better place we can all live, love, and thrive in.

~Vanessa Nova

RAW MAGICK: episode one

download RAW MAGICK: episode one for iPod / PSP

breakfast club in the raw!

craig happily piling his fruit salad with superfoods!

fluffy raw pancakes, with cashew maca cream, coconut, cacao nibs, & maple syrup

gojis, hemp, cacao nibs, muesli, almond milk, fruit salad!

during our last visit to cape town, we had the pleasure of having raw buffet breakfast with noel and natalie of earthshine at their home in pinelands.  it was a raw foodists’ dream!  laid out on the table before us was everything that we could’ve asked for before a 5 hour drive home to plettenberg bay.

for R100 each we enjoyed a green juice with wheatgrass, buckwheat muesli with seeds and dried fruit, almond milk, the most delightful raw pancakes with cashew maca cream and maple syrup, a tropical fruit salad with pomegranate arils, and topped all of it off with hemp powder, goji berries, and cacao nibs!  it was a breakfast to remember, and we’re still dreaming about it!

if you’re in cape town and free on a tuesday morning, this is your chance to try out raw food at it’s best, and see how delicious even raw breakfast can be!  and if you’ve been dabbling with raw foods and haven’t yet figured out what to make for breakfast, get some inspiration!

noel and natalie are also pioneering raw food convenience foods and have a selection of organic raw crackers, aubergine biltong, pizza bases, sauerkraut, and buckwheat muesli for sale.  our favorite was the pink sauerkraut and the red onion and chive crackers.  you can also take away an amazing raw pizza to munch on throughout your day!  we’re totally looking forward to tuesdays in cape town!

muesli, aubergine biltong, and more raw foodie staples!

organic raw crackers, 4 different flavors, made with love!

for more info or to order foods from earthshine, visit their facebook page, or contact natalie at or on 074 167 9792 !

mmm quiche!

one of my weaknesses has always been quiche, and since going raw and vegan, i’ve yet to have quiche.  needless to say, this was one small bit of bliss that was missing from my life. during my days in seattle, i would often stock up on these frozen quiches from trader joe’s.  i probably ate these every day for breakfast on my way to work!

craig and i attempted to make this raw vegan quiche and it immediately brought me back!  we didn’t get the cheesey-egg base quite right yet, too much lemon.  but i think next time a bit less lemon, a touch of nutritional yeast, and about 2 more hours on the dehydrator and we’ll have it spot on!  when we get it right, we’ll post the recipe.


first try at a raw vegan quiche -- marinated mushroooms, wilted baby spinach with cashew cheese and a crust from raw oats, onion, and grapeseed oil



the golden pyramid of peace lands on south african shores!

our latest shamballah gathering in cape town, held 5th june at novalis ubuntu institute was a successful evening filled with magic and heart connections!  we received a mini golden pyramid of peace that arrived from the airport in cape town and brought straight to the event!  we had luscious raw food from earthshine!

for more photos see our album on facebook here.

the mini golden pyramid of peace amplifies our prayers and intentions for peace and a new world of shamballah

we had a nice mix of indigos, children, and elders! the children where happy to perform their "bubble magic"!

so many people were excited to get in on the african drumming magic, the energy was high!

noel and natalie did a raw food demo and blew peoples' minds with their raw pizza!

raw pizza from earthshine = a divinely inspired slice of heaven

a ritual dance performance brought in more shamballah energy

we did chi gong to move and ground more energy

and everyone danced it up to the sounds of DJ matek in the radiance of the pyramid!

lick the bowl clean

two nights in a row i’ve made this simple and satisfying dessert, and we literally licked the bowl clean!

sliced apples with magick yum creamy caramel sauce!!!

creamy caramel sauce (serves 2)

4 big fat organic dates (soft)

1/4 cup cashews

1 tbsp coconut oil

1/2 cup warm water

1/4 tsp himalayan rock salt

blend all ingredients in your power blender (we use a vita-mix) and serve with fresh fruit.  also would be delicious in many other ways, pour it over your raw ice cream!  YUM!

i can't believe it's raw, i can't believe it's vegan creamy caramel sauce

try it, you’ll like it.



shamballah culture

men's organic t-shirt in white

women's organic fitted t-shirt in black

shamballah is happening as we speak.  we’re all creating it with the choices we make:  what we eat, how we live, how we love, and even how we choose to express ourselves!  this includes what we wear!  so let’s all make a statement!  we could wear shirts that say “i  ♥ (insert your city here)”, but in shamballah, we’re all working together to create a unified world, a world of peace, a world where we see ourselves as one!  so why not wear shirts that say “i ♥ shamballah”?

and shamballah is all about being completely and totally free to express yourself, in any way that you feel comfortable!  we’ve all lived inside of our boxes for so long, it’s time for us to all shed our masks and put on what makes us feel JOY!

so we’re offering our i ♥ shamballah organic cotton tees as a centerpiece to your new expressive selves.  i’ve been putting together some really fun style boards for inspiration, which i’ve had tons of fun making!  here is one inspired by japanese pop culture, with splashes of color, polka dots, and pinstripes.  stay tuned for more!


lots of love,


shiyanbara style deluxe

shiyanbara style deluxe by nova2012 featuring i heart shamballah – organic women’s t-shirt

. . .

raw magick launches new webshop!

we’re excited to announce that our new webshop is now online with so many cool items available for purchase, including framed prints from matek’s fractalizm collection as well as fresh new designs printed on premium organic cotton t-shirts!  here is a sample of the freshest new shirts just released with many more on the way:

(click on each item for details or to purchase!)

raw magick buddha on american apparel organic cotton fitted women's t-shirt in natural

astral traveller t-shirt, black or grey organic american apparel men's fitted tee

heather grey hoodie with metaphysical education print

as above so below design on organic cotton american apparel women's fitted t-shirt

shamballah is here!

the shamballah tribal community is growing in south africa, and we are set to grow in leaps and bounds!  we had our first event of the year, 1st may, in cape town at the beautiful and rustic assembly hall of the novalis ubuntu institute.  we danced, meditated, played, and joined together with one heart!

a gorgeous centerpiece and altar created by julia tiffin - we all locked hands and skipped playfully around the altar, before closing the evening with a few centering 'OM's"

yoga instructor annie pearson-adams led us in yoga postures to help us open our hearts!

songstress extraordinaire danelle de vries graced us with her original songs, one of which was written specifically for the event!

then, to follow that up we brought this energy to the garden route and had our first ever event in this area!  it’s so important for us to bring shamballah to the garden route, after all, it’s aptly named Eden, and shamballah is all about going back to our original state of innocence, abundance, peace, beauty, love, passion, and magick!

a colourful altar to hold the energy for our event... ganesh the elephant also wanted to be present, to represent the amazing elephants that live around this area

we served raw corn tortilla chips from corn, flax, and sunflower seeds and fresh salsa pico de gallo, and some crudites with a creamy dip! raw food nourishes the body and soul, so it's the perfect food for shamballah!

there are so many exciting things on the horizon for shamballah tribal community, both in south africa and worldwide!  come join us and experience the amazing shamballah energy that everyone is talking about.   our next events will be in cape 5th june, and in the garden route 19th june!  we hope to see you there!

matek is in the mix…

matek has been busy in the studio working on tracks for his upcoming 2nd album, and there’s also an internal fire remix album dropping in the meantime.

check out the official matek page – you can listen to internal fire in its entirety, purchase the album, or connect with matek directly!