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be the change! new twindragon single to benefit japan

twindragon have released a new 2 track digi-single, “be the change / lighthouse“. written and produced by matek and vanessa nova and mastered by don crow productions, these 2 tracks are about hope and positivity in these times of change.

support a good cause by purchasing this music! buy this single for only $2, and all the proceeds from this release will be donated to the golden pyramid of peace in japan, who are helping the people who have been affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami by bringing them food and supplies.

click below to listen and / or purchase “be the change / lighthouse“:

just hatched: new twindragon EP “twindragon is born”

we’re very excited to announce that our first twindragon release, the EP “twindragon is born” is now available!

there are 3 ways you can tune in to the frequencies:

1.  FREE digital download from our website:  Click over to and subscribe to our list and get the EP + access to exclusive tracks, remixes, videos, and news!

2.  CD with original liner art designed by us, Matek + Vanessa Nova, for $9.99 from the twindragon Reverb Nation store

3.  $5 digital download from Bandcamp includes a bonus live performance of “Elemental State” twindragon at Bandcamp


RAW MAGICK RADIO: volume one


RAW MAGICK RADIO: volume one

mixed by matek

a selection of tracks and remixes by matek, vanessa nova and twindragon:
an eclectic mixture of dubstep, breaks, electro, trance-hop, punkstep and more,
with a fresh infusion of galactic frequencies.


post-infusion / elemental state / subtraktion

fundamental elements RMX / space dust / jazzfunk

love coloured / osiris / into the light / step forward RMX

master key / shifting / twindragon RMX / tiger claw

chant of the dragons / kingdom dub / glitch-up

element / nova RMX / shine bright

all tracks written and performed by matek + vanessa nova
copyright © 2010 flame of life productions. all rights reserved.

twindragon is born


twindragon is the brainchild of craig (matek) + me (vanessa nova).  the story of twindragon, and how craig and i met, is quite an exciting and heartwarming story and i’m happy to tell it.  in early 2009, we were both sitting on opposite ends of the globe, plotting and praying to get to toronto for our teacher’s and healer’s training program with the modern mystery school.  it was quite a leap for both of us to get there, but neither of us had any idea what would be in store for us and that our lives would never be the same again.

craig says he noticed my energy as soon as i walked in the room.  he knew that he needed to talk to me but didn’t know why.  by the second day we were fully into the training and while i was talking with his friend fred, we struck up a conversation.  if my memory serves me correctly, it went a little something like this:

fred: so what do you do?
vanessa: i make music.
f: oh, my friend craig here makes music also.
v: oh. awesome!
craig: what kind of music do you make?
v:  i sing and make electronic downtempo, dubby, trip hop stuff.  but mostly i’ve been making dubstep.
c: oh wow. i make dubstep too.
v: heyyy, i think i know who you are.  i’ve heard your music before.  that’s cool!  we should work together.  let’s make a track!  what programs do you use?
c: i use reason.
v: oh wow, cool, me too…

and then class resumed and all the while i was thinking, as soon as class is over for the night i can ask him if he wants to hang out and work on some music.  but as soon as class was finished, here comes craig asking, “so, would you like to go work on some music now?”  and of course, i was so down for that…

we spent the rest of the week together after class into the wee hours of the night collaborating on what was to become “elemental state”, our first song.  our creative process flowed so magickally that by the end of the week we had a track!  the week’s exciting events culminated in an impromptu shamballah gathering, which gave us the perfect opportunity to share what we’d just co-created.  performing with craig was so much fun!

with all the fun we were having, the week went by so fast and all of a sudden it was time for me to head back home to san diego.  in the atrium of the hotel, i was saying my farewells to friends i’d made from all over the world.  in the back of my mind i was wishing i’d been able to say good bye to craig.  he was in some other training.  our friend lisa from bahrain, mentioned that she’d say goodbye to him for me, that she’d love to hear what comes of our track, and that she loved our energy together–“you guys are like galactic twins!”

i think lisa’s comment may have been the seed that spawned the name of our collaborative effort, twindragon.  it’s a project we’re both super passionate and excited about and brings forth the best of each of our talents.  we’ll be dropping an EP shortly after I arrive in south africa and we’re already slated to take the stage at afrika burn and earth dance cape town in september 2009.  we invite you to follow us along on yet another exciting adventure.

and just to whet your appetite a bit, check out that fated track.

“elemental state” by twindragon

love, vanessa