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be the change! new twindragon single to benefit japan

twindragon have released a new 2 track digi-single, “be the change / lighthouse“. written and produced by matek and vanessa nova and mastered by don crow productions, these 2 tracks are about hope and positivity in these times of change.

support a good cause by purchasing this music! buy this single for only $2, and all the proceeds from this release will be donated to the golden pyramid of peace in japan, who are helping the people who have been affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami by bringing them food and supplies.

click below to listen and / or purchase “be the change / lighthouse“:


SPACE DUST EP now available!

matek has been working overtime in the studio, preparing tracks from his upcoming 2nd album, new dawn. first up is space dust, a galactic banger to give you a taste of what’s to come.

the space dust EP is available as a digital download for only $5, or $1 per track. the EP includes the album version, a remix, instrumental versions and an acapella.

for all you DJs and producers out there – we’d love to hear what remixes/mashups you create from this. post a link and we’ll check it out!

download the space dust EP here.

shifting by matek – official video!

check out the new video for matek’s track shifting, from the album internal fire.

as a gift to you, we’re giving internal fire away for free from matek’s website! it’ll be available for a limited time only, so grab it soon.  if you haven’t heard matek’s funky intergalactic new paradigm vibes, check it out and be in the know!

as an added bonus, you can also download the shifting video from the VIP section of the site, once you’ve signed up to download internal fire.

get it here:

just hatched: new twindragon EP “twindragon is born”

we’re very excited to announce that our first twindragon release, the EP “twindragon is born” is now available!

there are 3 ways you can tune in to the frequencies:

1.  FREE digital download from our website:  Click over to and subscribe to our list and get the EP + access to exclusive tracks, remixes, videos, and news!

2.  CD with original liner art designed by us, Matek + Vanessa Nova, for $9.99 from the twindragon Reverb Nation store

3.  $5 digital download from Bandcamp includes a bonus live performance of “Elemental State” twindragon at Bandcamp


RAW MAGICK RADIO: volume one


RAW MAGICK RADIO: volume one

mixed by matek

a selection of tracks and remixes by matek, vanessa nova and twindragon:
an eclectic mixture of dubstep, breaks, electro, trance-hop, punkstep and more,
with a fresh infusion of galactic frequencies.


post-infusion / elemental state / subtraktion

fundamental elements RMX / space dust / jazzfunk

love coloured / osiris / into the light / step forward RMX

master key / shifting / twindragon RMX / tiger claw

chant of the dragons / kingdom dub / glitch-up

element / nova RMX / shine bright

all tracks written and performed by matek + vanessa nova
copyright © 2010 flame of life productions. all rights reserved.

the golden pyramid of peace lands on south african shores!

our latest shamballah gathering in cape town, held 5th june at novalis ubuntu institute was a successful evening filled with magic and heart connections!  we received a mini golden pyramid of peace that arrived from the airport in cape town and brought straight to the event!  we had luscious raw food from earthshine!

for more photos see our album on facebook here.

the mini golden pyramid of peace amplifies our prayers and intentions for peace and a new world of shamballah

we had a nice mix of indigos, children, and elders! the children where happy to perform their "bubble magic"!

so many people were excited to get in on the african drumming magic, the energy was high!

noel and natalie did a raw food demo and blew peoples' minds with their raw pizza!

raw pizza from earthshine = a divinely inspired slice of heaven

a ritual dance performance brought in more shamballah energy

we did chi gong to move and ground more energy

and everyone danced it up to the sounds of DJ matek in the radiance of the pyramid!

matek is in the mix…

matek has been busy in the studio working on tracks for his upcoming 2nd album, and there’s also an internal fire remix album dropping in the meantime.

check out the official matek page – you can listen to internal fire in its entirety, purchase the album, or connect with matek directly!