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How YOU can tap into true “raw magick”!

Throughout the ages, many great leaders and influential minds of all times were able to tap into RAW MAGICK, pure power, by studying with a mystery school.  You can find many, many books out there published with material from these traditions, but in all truth and honesty, trying to apply magick in this way is like trying to change the TV channel with a remote control that has no batteries in it!

In this day and age, there are 2 ways to receive authentic mystery school teachings and receive the TRUE ENERGY and KEYS to unlock the power of the tools and traditions of the 7 great mystery schools on the planet:

1) Be a rockstar or avatar and be invited to join one of the 6 secret mystery school traditions that are closed to the general public.


2) Invest in your self and your personal and spiritual progression, embark on the path to Know Thyself, and take advantage of the invaluable teachings and true lineage of the Modern Mystery School, which is available now for the public, to help us transition into the New Paradigm and lead us into the Golden Age spoken about in all ancient cultures.

This path for both Craig and I, has been the most rewarding and life-changing venture we’ve embarked on and we invite all of our readers and tribe to join us on this path!

Much love,


JOY is a key to shamballah: 10 ways to bring more joy into your life!

in the times ahead we are facing some incredible shifts and challenges.  the new paradigm is upon us and we are being cleansed of our old programming and healed on many different levels, both personally and collectively.  if we choose to be conscious of this process, the road will definitely be more graceful and we can make these shifts with gratitude and joy.  so when the going gets tough, one of the biggest keys is to remember to BE joyful, and TAKE ACTION so that you can welcome more joy into your heart and into your life!

here are 10 practical and simple actions you can take to bring more joy into your life.  the more joyful moments you have on a daily basis, the more your life will start to align with the JOYFUL you and the JOYFUL world we are co-creating together!

1.  smile – smiling is a magickal alchemical tool!  even if you’re faking it at first, the brain and the body don’t know the difference.  the neurochemical affect of putting a smile on your face will release endorphins and serotonin that can change your mood, enhance your immune system, relieve stress, lower blood pressure, relieve pain, and even make you look younger and  more attractive! 

2.  do something you love to do!  – sounds easy, but we often spend so much time doing things we MUST do, instead
of things we love to do.  so, simply ask yourself, “what brings me joy?”, then just go and do that thing!  even for just a few minutes.  do you love cooking?  gardening? playing video games? hiking?  sitting in the sun?  reading a book?  just do it!

3.  watch something funny – pop in a DVD of your favorite comedy or uplifting movie!  if you don’t have time to watch a whole film, there are thousands of videos of the most random and laugh-out-loud bits of stuff on youtube.

4. hang out or connect with a happy & uplifting friend! – think of the most positive person you have in your circle and give them a call!  instead of dumping your troubles on them, ask them what is good in their life.  happiness is contagious!  focus on the positive things they have to say and be thankful to have this friend in your life.  if you don’t have many friends who are positive and uplifting, time to make some new friends!

5. be grateful! – make a list of the things you are grateful for.  start with the simple things.  write them down.  once you start focusing on the positive things, your energy will start to shift immediately.  try it, it works!  if you do this everyday, the cumulative effect will bring more joy into your life, guaranteed!

6. eat something delicious, give yourself a treat!  – instead of reaching for your good-ol’ comfort food, try something that will raise your energy and be really yummy at the same time!  try some raw chocolate or a juicy piece of fresh organic fruit that is perfectly ripe and in season!  enjoy it with all your senses and give thanks!

7. give yourself a gift that will improve your life – of course, money can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a personal growth book, a crystal, a healing tool, get an empowerment session, reiki session, pedicure/manicure, massage etc.  when you give yourself gifts such as these, you increase your self-love and self-care factor, thereby increasing your capacity for joy.

8. try something new!  – is there something you’ve always wanted to do but have been too afraid, too busy etc.?  it can be something extremely simple like chanting “om mani padme hum“, trying a new food you’ve never tasted, going to an event or gathering you’ve never experienced before.  or even a new practice or routine like starting up a meditation practice, trying a new form of movement like tai chi, yoga, martial arts, dance.  make a list of things you’ve always wanted to do and just do it!  doing just one thing that you’ve never done before can open up new possibilities, encourage you to grow and change, and give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  you can even enlist a friend to try that something new with you!

9.  give a hug, get a hug!  – hugs are a proven form of touch therapy!  they feel good, improve mood, build self-esteem, ease tension, and so much more!  give as many hugs as possible: hug your partner, your friends, your family, even give hugs when meeting some one for the first time!  this breaks down the walls between us and the other, affirming our unity and physicality, and spreading joy to our surroundings.  if no one is around, give yourself a hug, spend some cuddle time with your cat, or even hug a stuffed teddy!

10. be a kid again! – go to a playground, swing on the swings, ride the merry-go-round.  get out some markers and crayons and draw a silly picture.   go to the beach and make a sandcastle.  go outside and have a snowball fight or make snow angels.  if you have children, spend some time playing with them, on their level.  if you don’t have children, make arrangements to spend some time with a friend or family member who does have children.  play with them, talk to them, let go!

much love, light, and JOY!


raw vegan heaven in johannesburg

on our recent trip to joburg to launch shamballah tribal community gatherings, we took a few days out to visit with our friend ingrid litman, chef at leafy greens cafe in muldersdrift, gauteng. we discovered a raw vegan haven/heaven that we’re definitely looking forward to frequenting on future visits.  despite several comments that muldersdrift was “way out there” we really enjoyed the scenic half-hour drive from sandton and it was definitely worth it!

we drove down the dirt road, parked in a lot rimmed with trees blossoming with fluffy white cotton-ball puffs, and walked down the shady tree lined path suggested by the arrow pointing to leafy greens cafe.  it was sweltering hot, but we were surrounded by rows and rows of vegetable garden, ancient trees, and the sounds of children in a jumpy castle.

we came up on the cafe and were greeted with a smile by our lovely friend ingrid, who offered us a special green smoothie of kale and strawberries.  we were parched and starving and this was just the thing to kick off our special pig-out raw food day.


kale and strawberry green smoothie


she introduced us to antonia de luca, the radiant and friendly owner.  antonia was trained in raw food living and nutrition at hippocrates health institute in florida, while ingrid completed programs at  gabriel cousens’ tree of life institute in arizona.  their combined expertise and knowledge is evident in the artful variety of love-filled organic raw and vegan food they offer, both to nourish the body and delight the tastebuds.

there is a menu as well as the buffet table which is R80 a plate and there is an amazing variety of options, based on whatever is fresh in the garden.


onion bread, flax crackers and kale chips!


there is something for everyone, from the seasoned raw foodist, to those just testing the waters.  we loved absolutely everything we tasted, especially the desserts!




after our meal, we had the pleasure of being taken on a tour of the organic gardens by ingrid.  the farm grows all of their produce according to organic standards and principles of permaculture and the life force coming from the fruit, herbs, veggies, flowers, and trees is so evident!

if you’re in the area, please make it a priority to support this restaurant and shop.  they have a well appointed shop complete with all of your superfoods, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, supplements and more!

next time i’d love to bring back some banana bread spiced walnuts and vanilla maple brazil nuts. YUM!

RAW MAGICK: episode one

download RAW MAGICK: episode one for iPod / PSP

why raw foodists should clean their pipes

i’ve been wanting to communicate the importance of colon cleansing for awhile, but after coming across this article by matt monarch, i don’t think it could’ve been said any better, and backed with more detail, research and personal experience.  talking about your poop/pipes is uncomfortable for some, but i don’t mind so much.  if you’re so concerned about what you’re putting into your body, you should at least take some notice of what’s coming out!  enjoy! much love, ~vanessa

Cleansing the Colon on a PERIODIC Basis, by Matt Monarch

Whenever you improve your diet (i.e. eating less, consistently, compared to your previous intake), you will inevitably go through detoxification. The more you improve your diet, or in other words, the more damaging foods that you elminate from your diet, the more you will detoxify. For example, the most cleansing diet that ANYONE can do is go on a water fast, because you are eliminating everything from your diet except water. Generally, you are advised to lie in bed during water fasting, as you detox, regenerate and heal.

About 10 generations ago (1000 years or so), man was not eating processed foods such as refined sugars or “McDonalds” and breathing polluted air like today. As our ancestors started eating more poorly and creating more polution with each generation, they would pass down their toxic cells as they reproduced, until we have reached our current state of widespread gross toxicity today. We are born with toxicity. Studies show that human breast milk is more toxic today than ever before in history.

Keeping all of this in consideration, most of us have also been eating poorly ourselves for decades on end. In this condition, if we were to eliminate everything from our diet except water and go on a fast, we will be detoxing a huge amount… Now… When you go on a 100% Raw Food Diet, you are eliminating everything from your diet except the most water-rich and easy to digest foods. Choosing this kind of lifestyle is ALSO like going on a Life-Long Fast. It’s like going on a “Raw Food Fast”. That is why it is called the DETOX diet. An apple is more than 80% water, it barely taxes the digestive system, and it is the same kind of situation with most fruits and vegetables. When you go on a 100% Raw Food Diet, you step into the process of bringing your body back to the days 1000 years or so ago when we walked a much cleaner Earth.

Regardless of your diet, your body’s natural process is to detox and cleanse every single night. Even if you are eating “McDonalds” three times a day, your body cleanses as much as it can throughout the night…and then you wake up groggy. Then most people seem to drink coffee in the morning to attempt to counter this groggy effect. With this type of lifestyle, you cleanse and detox a lot throughout the night, however, you become more and more toxic with every single passing day, because more toxicity is going in daily than the body can detox out. When you go on a Raw Food Diet, you are still going to do this natural process of detoxing every single night… however, the tides change a little here… Comparatively speaking MUCH LESS toxicity is going into your body on a daily basis and your body can easily handle cleansing out any toxicity created from those raw foods that you ate that day in a short period of time. Therefore, during this ! nightly cleansing process, the body has energy freed up to go after older, deeper DENSE matter that has built up through the decades and generations of poor eating. As the years go by on a 100% Raw Food Diet, you are going to consistently cleanse deeper and deeper and you will become “cleaner and cleaner”. at a cellular level. Side Note: The more you detoxify, the cleaner you become, the more sensitive you become to past food choices & toxins such as air pollution, cigarette smoke, and perfumes… and lastly… the more in-tune you also become to that universal cosmic spiritual energy.

This release of old waste matter is going to continue throughout your 100% Raw Food path, whether you are aware of it or not. The MOST EFFECTIVE way to get around this is to cleanse the colon with colonics (colon hydrotherapy). NOTHING DETOXIFIES THE BODY MORE EFFICIENTLY THAN CLEANSING THE COLON! ALL of the health institutes out there that bring people in and help them heal from degenerative diseases utilize colonics and enemas. In my opninion, it is the number one reason why these health institutes have such a HIGH SUCCESS RATE in healing people from all sorts of degenerative diseases. I have seen people who just wanted to slightly improve their diet AND were willing to do the colon hydrotherapy on a periodic basis, and they pretty much healed based on the colon cleansing. You name ANY health food institute out there that has a high success rate like this and guess what they do… They usually give everyone three col! onics a week and everyone does two enemas a day… in the morning and evening. Ding ding ding…!!! Healing occurs and cleansing the colon is the number one reason why. When these people improve their diets, it is imperative to also get this old toxic waste out, swiftly and effectively.

It is unavoidable: the TRUE 100% Raw Food Eater will feel very toxic, again and again, as waste is released DEEP from their cells in detox. Most people who aren’t willing to cleanse the colon on a periodic basis don’t do well on the 100% Raw Food Diet because of these repeated cycles of feeling toxic. Often, when someone runs into a “rut” with the Raw Food Diet, they think that fasting is the solution. This can actually make the situation worse if the real issue is located in a dirty colon. They are already cleansing STRONGLY on this raw food diet and then they go on a fast and eliminate MORE FOODS from their diet, accelerating the cleansing process even more. This just adds more toxicity to the bonfire and can worsen the situation, whereas a simple colonic or series of colonics could remedy the situation.

Many people think “I have bowel movements three times a day, I don’t need to do colon hydrotherpay to aid my detox”. There is a GREAT chance that you may be extremely toxic AND poop three times a day. The amount of solid waste being eliminated daily does NOT determine the toxicity within the human body. For example, when a person goes on a water fast, they DETOX A LOT! and it is definitely not only coming out of the body in the form of feces. The tongue is coated white, they have body odor, mucus is pouring and their breath smells. If they were only detoxing through solid waste on this fast, they would obviously be pooping all day long; detox has many routes other than solid bowel movements, hence the amount of feces someone passes daily doesn’t necessarily correlate directly to their level of detox. To learn more about what toxicity really is, you can read about the blood gases in my book Raw Success or read the Blood Gas Theory article I wrote HERE.

Now, I am not suggesting to do colon hydrotherapy EVERY SINGLE DAY. However, I do feel that it is key to do this on a PERIODIC, ongoing basis for ultimate success on any type of improved diet. Ironically, the more foods you eliminate from your diet (the less you eat), it becomes ideal to cleanse the colon more often. Many people think that the 100% Raw Food Diet is what we are meant to eat in nature, and therefore, it should all work itself out, without colon cleansing. I consider this a little ABSURD considering the current condition of this planet and the human species; we can use all the help we can get in terms of detox. When you go on a 100% Raw Food Diet, you initiate the process of bringing things back to HUNDREDS of years ago, when we walked in a pristine environment.

Here is a general recommendation for the frequency of doing professional colonics. Each person’s condition is naturally different and someone weighing 300 pounds may require more than a slim person, for example. If someone is on a Standard American Diet without improving their diet at all, a colonic once a year may provide some benefit. Unfortunately, in this kind of situation, it would pretty much just be like hitting the reset button until the inevitable. Someone on a WHOLE FOOD, intermediate cooked food diet, I would suggest to do colonics 3 – 4 times a year. Ironically, if you are on a 100% Raw Food Diet, I would recommend doing colonics once a month. I know some individuals with serious degenerative diseases who want to heal so badly, that they do colonics weekly. I know of some individuals who wanted to heal so badly that they did a professional colonic 3 days a week, with enemas on the other days.

I don’t gain anything personally from sharing this information with you; I don’t make any money from colonics. I share this information because I KNOW from experience with myself and THOUSANDS of others who have benefited from cleansing the colon that this WORKS! If you think this is some kind of “ego” thing, well, I’m sure to the majority of the human population, I look like an IDIOT trotting around this planet telling everyone to stick pipes up their bums! I share this information because, quite simply, it works…whether you choose to take action on this or not is up to you…

For ULTIMATE success on any improved diet, the key is to not just cleanse the colon once here or there, but to do it on a periodic basis. Cleansing the colon CONSISTENTLY on a periodic basis has the potential to make a huge difference for your health and well-being.

speed blog: 5 reasons why we eat raw


1. to have lots of energy

2. because it’s delicious!

3. i like being creative with my food

4. i prefer eating food that is as close to its natural state as possible

5. it’s better for the environment


1. i want to eat food that’s alive not dead

2. i want to be healthy and vibrant into old age

3. i love desserts, have a sweet tooth, and sugar is evil

4. i suspect i’m allergic to wheat and dairy, and replacing it with delicious things is the way to go

5. i want to make the conscious choice and eat delicious things at the same time

vanessa’s raw superberry cheesecake

successfully raw

since craig did peter and beryn’s elements of health course in 2007, he’s been inspired to eat raw vegan but often reverted back to cooked foods.  i decided to go raw around july of this year, and i was making delicious magick in the kitchen when i arrived in cape town with my vita-mix and craig’s dehydrator.  things got a little busy for us and we got lazy. i started craving hot food and cooked grains.  we fell off the wagon a bit, so to speak.

thankfully, we’ve recently been inspired to stick to 100% raw food after going back and forth between raw vegan food and cooked vegan food for the last 2 months.  but with the help of a couple raw food teachers you may or may not know of, we are diving in head first to stay 100% raw.* these are all worth checking out if you find yourself needing a little support, inspiration, or encouragement.

*maybe 99.5% would be more accurate.  certain things like nori aren’t available here raw, that we know of.  we use technically un-raw spices and seasonings (braggs, nutritional yeast, himalayan salt) from time to time, but try to find cold-pressed oils and any other raw ingredients that we can find

boutenko raw family

boutenko raw family

*victoria boutenko and her documentary “12 steps to raw foods”

i love victoria boutenko, because she sees cooked food as an addiction and gives you a plan for overcoming that addiction and eating raw food instead!  she is one of the early pioneers of raw food and has so many amazing stories to tell from her 15+ years of being raw with her husband, daughter, and son.

karen knowler

karen knowler

*karen knowler and her “7 Simple Secrets to Going & Staying Successfully Raw”

karen has 16 years of experience living raw and is a raw food personal coach.  she presents some very valuable information on 10 different types of eaters and their behavior when making food choices.  her website has tons of free resources and her free tele-seminars are packed with info, tips, and support.  her emphasis on the transformation that the raw food lifestyle affords is truly inspirational.

talifero family

talifero family

*and “breakthrough” a documentary made by storm talifero, about his beautiful raw vegan family… very DIY, home movie, but with lots of heart and very inspirational.

hope things are delicious and delightful in your world!


vanessa + craig

set your hearts on fire!

flame of lifeafter months of deliberation and delay, and over a month of vanessa getting settled in cape town, we have finally come up with a name for our life centre! drum roll please!

the flame of life centre — yay!

we both love it and think it suits us quite well. we wanted something that would go well with the “twin flame” logo that craig had been using for various projects for some time. we both were thinking something with the word “flame” and the words “life centre” but neither of thought of “flame of life centre.” it was our friend maria, genius that she is, that suggested it, so she gets all the credit.

so there we have it. the flame of life centre in observatory. we host max meditation system™ sessions twice a week, offer life activations, jikiden reiki, crystal healings, and are starting to teach a variety of classes including sacred geometry, astral travel, the sanctuary meditation technique, and spiritual intuition. if any of this sounds like your cup of tea, please do come join us for tea!

much love, c + v