How YOU can tap into true “raw magick”!

Throughout the ages, many great leaders and influential minds of all times were able to tap into RAW MAGICK, pure power, by studying with a mystery school.  You can find many, many books out there published with material from these traditions, but in all truth and honesty, trying to apply magick in this way is like trying to change the TV channel with a remote control that has no batteries in it!

In this day and age, there are 2 ways to receive authentic mystery school teachings and receive the TRUE ENERGY and KEYS to unlock the power of the tools and traditions of the 7 great mystery schools on the planet:

1) Be a rockstar or avatar and be invited to join one of the 6 secret mystery school traditions that are closed to the general public.


2) Invest in your self and your personal and spiritual progression, embark on the path to Know Thyself, and take advantage of the invaluable teachings and true lineage of the Modern Mystery School, which is available now for the public, to help us transition into the New Paradigm and lead us into the Golden Age spoken about in all ancient cultures.

This path for both Craig and I, has been the most rewarding and life-changing venture we’ve embarked on and we invite all of our readers and tribe to join us on this path!

Much love,


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