How YOU can tap into true “raw magick”!

Throughout the ages, many great leaders and influential minds of all times were able to tap into RAW MAGICK, pure power, by studying with a mystery school.  You can find many, many books out there published with material from these traditions, but in all truth and honesty, trying to apply magick in this way is like trying to change the TV channel with a remote control that has no batteries in it!

In this day and age, there are 2 ways to receive authentic mystery school teachings and receive the TRUE ENERGY and KEYS to unlock the power of the tools and traditions of the 7 great mystery schools on the planet:

1) Be a rockstar or avatar and be invited to join one of the 6 secret mystery school traditions that are closed to the general public.


2) Invest in your self and your personal and spiritual progression, embark on the path to Know Thyself, and take advantage of the invaluable teachings and true lineage of the Modern Mystery School, which is available now for the public, to help us transition into the New Paradigm and lead us into the Golden Age spoken about in all ancient cultures.

This path for both Craig and I, has been the most rewarding and life-changing venture we’ve embarked on and we invite all of our readers and tribe to join us on this path!

Much love,


be the change! new twindragon single to benefit japan

twindragon have released a new 2 track digi-single, “be the change / lighthouse“. written and produced by matek and vanessa nova and mastered by don crow productions, these 2 tracks are about hope and positivity in these times of change.

support a good cause by purchasing this music! buy this single for only $2, and all the proceeds from this release will be donated to the golden pyramid of peace in japan, who are helping the people who have been affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami by bringing them food and supplies.

click below to listen and / or purchase “be the change / lighthouse“:

SPACE DUST EP now available!

matek has been working overtime in the studio, preparing tracks from his upcoming 2nd album, new dawn. first up is space dust, a galactic banger to give you a taste of what’s to come.

the space dust EP is available as a digital download for only $5, or $1 per track. the EP includes the album version, a remix, instrumental versions and an acapella.

for all you DJs and producers out there – we’d love to hear what remixes/mashups you create from this. post a link and we’ll check it out!

download the space dust EP here.

shifting by matek – official video!

check out the new video for matek’s track shifting, from the album internal fire.

as a gift to you, we’re giving internal fire away for free from matek’s website! it’ll be available for a limited time only, so grab it soon.  if you haven’t heard matek’s funky intergalactic new paradigm vibes, check it out and be in the know!

as an added bonus, you can also download the shifting video from the VIP section of the site, once you’ve signed up to download internal fire.

get it here:

JOY is a key to shamballah: 10 ways to bring more joy into your life!

in the times ahead we are facing some incredible shifts and challenges.  the new paradigm is upon us and we are being cleansed of our old programming and healed on many different levels, both personally and collectively.  if we choose to be conscious of this process, the road will definitely be more graceful and we can make these shifts with gratitude and joy.  so when the going gets tough, one of the biggest keys is to remember to BE joyful, and TAKE ACTION so that you can welcome more joy into your heart and into your life!

here are 10 practical and simple actions you can take to bring more joy into your life.  the more joyful moments you have on a daily basis, the more your life will start to align with the JOYFUL you and the JOYFUL world we are co-creating together!

1.  smile – smiling is a magickal alchemical tool!  even if you’re faking it at first, the brain and the body don’t know the difference.  the neurochemical affect of putting a smile on your face will release endorphins and serotonin that can change your mood, enhance your immune system, relieve stress, lower blood pressure, relieve pain, and even make you look younger and  more attractive! 

2.  do something you love to do!  – sounds easy, but we often spend so much time doing things we MUST do, instead
of things we love to do.  so, simply ask yourself, “what brings me joy?”, then just go and do that thing!  even for just a few minutes.  do you love cooking?  gardening? playing video games? hiking?  sitting in the sun?  reading a book?  just do it!

3.  watch something funny – pop in a DVD of your favorite comedy or uplifting movie!  if you don’t have time to watch a whole film, there are thousands of videos of the most random and laugh-out-loud bits of stuff on youtube.

4. hang out or connect with a happy & uplifting friend! – think of the most positive person you have in your circle and give them a call!  instead of dumping your troubles on them, ask them what is good in their life.  happiness is contagious!  focus on the positive things they have to say and be thankful to have this friend in your life.  if you don’t have many friends who are positive and uplifting, time to make some new friends!

5. be grateful! – make a list of the things you are grateful for.  start with the simple things.  write them down.  once you start focusing on the positive things, your energy will start to shift immediately.  try it, it works!  if you do this everyday, the cumulative effect will bring more joy into your life, guaranteed!

6. eat something delicious, give yourself a treat!  – instead of reaching for your good-ol’ comfort food, try something that will raise your energy and be really yummy at the same time!  try some raw chocolate or a juicy piece of fresh organic fruit that is perfectly ripe and in season!  enjoy it with all your senses and give thanks!

7. give yourself a gift that will improve your life – of course, money can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a personal growth book, a crystal, a healing tool, get an empowerment session, reiki session, pedicure/manicure, massage etc.  when you give yourself gifts such as these, you increase your self-love and self-care factor, thereby increasing your capacity for joy.

8. try something new!  – is there something you’ve always wanted to do but have been too afraid, too busy etc.?  it can be something extremely simple like chanting “om mani padme hum“, trying a new food you’ve never tasted, going to an event or gathering you’ve never experienced before.  or even a new practice or routine like starting up a meditation practice, trying a new form of movement like tai chi, yoga, martial arts, dance.  make a list of things you’ve always wanted to do and just do it!  doing just one thing that you’ve never done before can open up new possibilities, encourage you to grow and change, and give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  you can even enlist a friend to try that something new with you!

9.  give a hug, get a hug!  – hugs are a proven form of touch therapy!  they feel good, improve mood, build self-esteem, ease tension, and so much more!  give as many hugs as possible: hug your partner, your friends, your family, even give hugs when meeting some one for the first time!  this breaks down the walls between us and the other, affirming our unity and physicality, and spreading joy to our surroundings.  if no one is around, give yourself a hug, spend some cuddle time with your cat, or even hug a stuffed teddy!

10. be a kid again! – go to a playground, swing on the swings, ride the merry-go-round.  get out some markers and crayons and draw a silly picture.   go to the beach and make a sandcastle.  go outside and have a snowball fight or make snow angels.  if you have children, spend some time playing with them, on their level.  if you don’t have children, make arrangements to spend some time with a friend or family member who does have children.  play with them, talk to them, let go!

much love, light, and JOY!


just hatched: new twindragon EP “twindragon is born”

we’re very excited to announce that our first twindragon release, the EP “twindragon is born” is now available!

there are 3 ways you can tune in to the frequencies:

1.  FREE digital download from our website:  Click over to and subscribe to our list and get the EP + access to exclusive tracks, remixes, videos, and news!

2.  CD with original liner art designed by us, Matek + Vanessa Nova, for $9.99 from the twindragon Reverb Nation store

3.  $5 digital download from Bandcamp includes a bonus live performance of “Elemental State” twindragon at Bandcamp


RAW MAGICK RADIO: volume one


RAW MAGICK RADIO: volume one

mixed by matek

a selection of tracks and remixes by matek, vanessa nova and twindragon:
an eclectic mixture of dubstep, breaks, electro, trance-hop, punkstep and more,
with a fresh infusion of galactic frequencies.


post-infusion / elemental state / subtraktion

fundamental elements RMX / space dust / jazzfunk

love coloured / osiris / into the light / step forward RMX

master key / shifting / twindragon RMX / tiger claw

chant of the dragons / kingdom dub / glitch-up

element / nova RMX / shine bright

all tracks written and performed by matek + vanessa nova
copyright © 2010 flame of life productions. all rights reserved.

magic wands and magical times in joburg

we are excited to announce that we have officially launched shamballah tribal community gatherings in joburg.  our first event was on 2nd october at the bikram yoga jozi studio in illovo.

thanks to our amazing team, we had a successful event, with music, dancing, amazing raw food, beautiful people, and beautiful energy!

chef ingrid of raw alchemy delighted us with a variety of tastes including magic wands (a rolled nori snack filled with ayurvedic spices and nut pate), mini pizzas, stuffed tomatoes, and fresh juices.

we performed a quick twindragon set of 3 of our favorite songs from our forthcoming album.  there was a dance performance, tarot card readings, a toning session, percussion instruments banging and shaking, and everyone dancing and grooving to DJ barrett’s musical selections.

all in all, it was a great event and a good kick-off for the joburg shamballah tribe and we even were able to donate R500 of our proceeds to The Golden Pyramid of Peace project!  we will be having monthly events in the joburg area and we’re looking forward to the next magical event!


raw vegan heaven in johannesburg

on our recent trip to joburg to launch shamballah tribal community gatherings, we took a few days out to visit with our friend ingrid litman, chef at leafy greens cafe in muldersdrift, gauteng. we discovered a raw vegan haven/heaven that we’re definitely looking forward to frequenting on future visits.  despite several comments that muldersdrift was “way out there” we really enjoyed the scenic half-hour drive from sandton and it was definitely worth it!

we drove down the dirt road, parked in a lot rimmed with trees blossoming with fluffy white cotton-ball puffs, and walked down the shady tree lined path suggested by the arrow pointing to leafy greens cafe.  it was sweltering hot, but we were surrounded by rows and rows of vegetable garden, ancient trees, and the sounds of children in a jumpy castle.

we came up on the cafe and were greeted with a smile by our lovely friend ingrid, who offered us a special green smoothie of kale and strawberries.  we were parched and starving and this was just the thing to kick off our special pig-out raw food day.


kale and strawberry green smoothie


she introduced us to antonia de luca, the radiant and friendly owner.  antonia was trained in raw food living and nutrition at hippocrates health institute in florida, while ingrid completed programs at  gabriel cousens’ tree of life institute in arizona.  their combined expertise and knowledge is evident in the artful variety of love-filled organic raw and vegan food they offer, both to nourish the body and delight the tastebuds.

there is a menu as well as the buffet table which is R80 a plate and there is an amazing variety of options, based on whatever is fresh in the garden.


onion bread, flax crackers and kale chips!


there is something for everyone, from the seasoned raw foodist, to those just testing the waters.  we loved absolutely everything we tasted, especially the desserts!




after our meal, we had the pleasure of being taken on a tour of the organic gardens by ingrid.  the farm grows all of their produce according to organic standards and principles of permaculture and the life force coming from the fruit, herbs, veggies, flowers, and trees is so evident!

if you’re in the area, please make it a priority to support this restaurant and shop.  they have a well appointed shop complete with all of your superfoods, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, supplements and more!

next time i’d love to bring back some banana bread spiced walnuts and vanilla maple brazil nuts. YUM!

tees for peace – raw magick exclusive designs for charity!

hartley making a statement in our "peace worldwide" organic t-shirt

to help raise funds for our further training, we’ve dreamt up these beautiful, high quality designs for you to make your statement and show your support for the Shamballah way of life now sweeping the planet! 10% of all proceeds will go towards the The Golden Pyramid of Peace project.  another 10% will go towards Shamballah Tribal Community South Africa.  the rest of the profits will go towards getting us to toronto and japan, in order for us to bring the most advanced spiritual training available to south africa now, when we need it most!


peace worldwide

we collaborate to manifest all of the designs on offer, that are then printed on organic cotton tees for women, men, and kids, in all sizes and a variety of colorways.  you can also purchase matek’s album internal fire as well as art prints and other items featuring matek’s brilliant fractalizm project, which encodes specific frequencies and intentions into mesmerizing digital fractal art mandalas.

shipping is a mere $5 to the US, Canada, and Australia, £4 to England, and $7 worldwide!

please take a moment to check out what we’ve created.  then buy a gift or two for one of your loved ones, friends, or YOURSELF.  support us and everyone wins!


Step One:

Go to our online webshop at

Step Two:

Browse our designs, available in all sizes for women, men, and children, and make your purchase on their secure server. Your selections will be shipped to you anywhere in the world!

Step Three:

Give yourself a pat on the back, a thumbs up and a wink, and a hearty round of applause, because 10% of all sales will be donated directly to the Golden Pyramid of Peace and an additional 10% will go to the Shamballah Tribal Community South Africa!

Step Four:

Open your package when it arrives, and sport your t-shirt with style, class, and attitude!

P.S. If you’re feeling ambitious, send us a photo of you and your sexy bad self in the said t-shirt, and we will do our best to make you famous!

Lots of love, and PEACE

Vanessa and Craig